Shave Ice

Shave Ice is not a ‘Slushi’ or a ‘Slush Puppy’, or anything similar. Instead it is a cool treat made of finely shaved ice and a myriad of available flavours.

“Cubed ice is shaven to the consistency of snow by a specialised ice shaver, the delicate “Shave Ice” is then collected in a container and flavoured with colourful Shave Ice syrups. The result is an immensely popular iced refreshment enjoyed by not just by children but the whole family.”

The difference between shave ice and other types of “snow cones” is all in the texture.

“Snow cones” have a hard, icy crunch to them while shave ice delivers a more melt-in-your-mouth softness. The fluffiness of the shave ice also helps it hang on to the flavored syrups, rather than just allowing them to run straight to the bottom of your cone – as can be the case with “snow cones” – and leave the top flavorless.

Shave ice flavour is maintained from the first mouthful to the last!

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